The mighty Mekong.

There is something about the Mekong River that lulls you into a pleasant somnambulance. It meanders its way through six Asian nations...and we had the pleasure of enjoying beers along its banks in three of these - Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. View of the Nam Ou River, a major tributary of the Mekong, from Nong … Continue reading The mighty Mekong.

Istanbul: cats and fish (in bread)

Istanbul is one of the world's great cities. It straddles two continents, contains thousands of years of human history and is home to some truly staggering feats of architectural ingenuity and beauty. It's also home to thousands of kitties. And that gives it the edge in my book. If you haven't seen the adorable documentary … Continue reading Istanbul: cats and fish (in bread)

The Rum Diaries Part LVII

Congratulations Guyana, you've done it. After more than fifty meticulously researched Rum Diaries (and let's face it, many more bottles that didn't make it due to laziness or memory-loss), I think I've finally found my number one. This absolutely sensational rum came via the online magic of Nick's Wine Merchants and was almost criminally good … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part LVII

Guyana, Barbados, Mauritius…oh my!

I feel like this is going to be my 'sliding doors' moment. The event that defines the shift from solvent, functioning alcoholic to rum-soaked wastrel. Australia is a long fucking way from everywhere, and the rum selection at your average bottle-o is rarely enough to raise the pulse. I've always relied heavily on overseas adventures … Continue reading Guyana, Barbados, Mauritius…oh my!

The Rum Diaries Part LIV

I was looking through some photos from our 2017 trip to Queensland and uncovered yet another forgotten rum - one we stumbled across while driving around the Atherton tableland region west of Cairns. Rum lives here 😉 We had driven down from Thornton's Beach Bungalows, where we spent a glorious and lazy week, trying not … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part LIV

The Rum Diaries Part LIII

This review of Ord River Rum comes to you live (!) from Ningaloo Station! Actually, the beauty of Ningaloo is that there's no internet or phone reception so you can live a blissful, blog-free existence, free from the fetters of rum reporting. *sigh* Ord River proved something that most rum drinkers would long have held … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part LIII