The Land of Ice & Snow

Officially, visiting Antarctica means I have now set foot on all seven continents. However according to my mate form the USA (and actually, pretty much any North American I’ve ever spoken to), Cleveland doesn’t count. Since I’m not much of a box-ticker I’m not really fussed either way- Antarctica was still one of the most … Continue reading The Land of Ice & Snow


The village of Iruya must be one of the most isolated spots in Northern Argentina. There is just one dirt road leading in, which snakes over a 4000m pass before descending through a seemingly endless series of switchbacks to the village (2780m above sea level); despite being just 55 odd kilometres from Humahuaca, the trip … Continue reading Iruya

Coca y bica in northern Argentina

In the last week or so we have covered more than a few of Argentina's various eco-systems. We started last week in Salta, located at about 1100m in the Lerma Valley, descended 600m or so to the cloud-forested region of Las Yungas, and then climbed up over the sub-Andean range to the Quebrada de Humahuaca … Continue reading Coca y bica in northern Argentina

Carnivorous in Argentina- a few helpful hints for the uninitiated

1. Never order 'rare; unless you are prepared to personally kill, skin and butcher the cow at the table. I had to send my slab of steak back it was so intimidatingly raw- I was embarrassed, but the waiter smiled at me like, it happens all the timegringa. 2. Cuts of meat do not come … Continue reading Carnivorous in Argentina- a few helpful hints for the uninitiated

25 de Mayo en Cafayate

Today is recovery day after a big day of beer drinking yesterday at Cafayate's 25 de Mayo celebrations! We went to get icecream this afternoon (torrontes flavoured icecream- hey, when in wine-country...) and some random asked us if we had hangovers and did we enjoy the party last night. Guess we looked like we were … Continue reading 25 de Mayo en Cafayate

Cruising Argentina Norte

As I write this, I'm sitting in Amaicha del Valle, on the verandah of our hostal, enjoying the warmth of the last of the suns rays before it dips below the mountains to the west (and the temperature plummets!). We arrived yesterday afternoon after spending the weekend with Santiago & Tim road tripping through the provinces … Continue reading Cruising Argentina Norte