The Rum Diaries Part XLI

Ok, don't worry, we are almost finished with the Cuban Rum least, the ones we drank on Cuban soil. There will be a few delayed entries from the multiple bottles we brought with us to Holland (cost-saving measures for pricey Europe).We left steaming hot Santiago de Cuba for the slightly cooler town of Baracoa, … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part XLI

The Rum Diaries Part XL

It's official!! I am in uncharted roman numeral territory. I just had to google 40! Happily this Rum Diary entry is equal to such a momentous occasion. We bought this bottle of Ron Matusalem 15 Años as we listened to some live music in Santiago de Cuba, from some guy who worked in the factory. I … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part XL

The Rum Diaries Part XXXVII

Bienvenidos a Cienfuegos!! La ciudad que Benny More le gusta mas!! Cienfuegos' main plaza is just about the most sparkling collection of buildings in Cuba. In contrast to Havana's eclectic range of building styles, Cienfuegos boasts mainly neoclassical, french-influenced architecture and was home to one of Cuba's favourite musos- Benny More.  It also hosts our … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part XXXVII