The Rum Diaries Part LVII

Congratulations Guyana, you’ve done it. After more than fifty meticulously researched Rum Diaries (and let’s face it, many more bottles that didn’t make it due to laziness or memory-loss), I think I’ve finally found my number one.

This absolutely sensational rum came via the online magic of Nick’s Wine Merchants and was almost criminally good value at $70. There’s no mistaking the molasses base in this slightly sweet, incredibly rich and toasty drop. If I was a millionaire I’d pour this by the bucket load over a Rum Baba.

We have a winner!!!

Sadly, Nick must have realised that he was charging far too little for this baby and the price is now $85. Still, not bad considering the price of domestic spirits.

It’s exciting to think that there’s a 15 and a 21 year old El Dorado out there, just waiting for me to taste them…and perhaps a holiday to Guyana on the cards for when this fucking apocalypse is over.

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