The Rum Diaries Part XLIII

We'd been eyeing off Ron Zacapa Centenario throughout our stay in Guatemala but didn't pick up a bottle until we hit the duty free on the way to Cuba. Even then it was still USD$45. Given the price tag we were surprised to find out that Zacapa is actually a blended rum- made with rums aged … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part XLIII

The world’s best-traveled percolator

South America may grow some of the world's finest coffee beans but finding someone to brew a decent cup is damn near impossible. And if there is one thing we can't tolerate, it's shit coffee. So while it doesn't exactly qualify as a must-have for traveling light, buying a percolator in Buenos Aires made perfect sense … Continue reading The world’s best-traveled percolator

Pimp my ride- the chicken bus gets a makeover

Generally speaking there are two ways to get from A to B throughout Latin America- tourist transport (with allocated seats, direct routes and of course higher ticket prices) and local transport, known as chicken buses for the simple reason that in addition to sharing your seat with one or perhaps two locals, you may also have … Continue reading Pimp my ride- the chicken bus gets a makeover

The Best You’ve Never Heard Of- paradisaical Semuc Champey

After working for a Latin American travel company for five years, I had assumed I was in the know about most of the highlights, at least in passing. Maybe that's why Semuc Champey was so impressive- I had absolutely no idea that it even existed, let alone any expectations or preconceptions.  After a quick squiz at a … Continue reading The Best You’ve Never Heard Of- paradisaical Semuc Champey

The Rum Diaries Part XXXII

Hello Guatemala. We’ve already had the pleasure of testing the old Botran series of rum on the boat from Colombia to Panama…though I think it’s fair to say that Martijn’s memory of that particular bottle may be slightly skewed (having been muddled with two or three other bottles that day) so let’s call this our … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part XXXII