Back when we were free…

Like millions of other people around the world, I suddenly find myself without a holiday to look forward to. For someone who normally has at least two trips planned and a secret squirrel one in my back pocket for the third, this is a new and altogether unwelcome feeling - one compounded by the fact … Continue reading Back when we were free…

The Rum Diaries Part LVII

Congratulations Guyana, you've done it. After more than fifty meticulously researched Rum Diaries (and let's face it, many more bottles that didn't make it due to laziness or memory-loss), I think I've finally found my number one. This absolutely sensational rum came via the online magic of Nick's Wine Merchants and was almost criminally good … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part LVII

Guyana, Barbados, Mauritius…oh my!

I feel like this is going to be my 'sliding doors' moment. The event that defines the shift from solvent, functioning alcoholic to rum-soaked wastrel. Australia is a long fucking way from everywhere, and the rum selection at your average bottle-o is rarely enough to raise the pulse. I've always relied heavily on overseas adventures … Continue reading Guyana, Barbados, Mauritius…oh my!

The Rum Diaries Revival. Part LII

Wow. It's been a long, long time between Rum Diaries. Don't think that's a reflection on our rum consumption - I just got lazy. But it's time to get back on board - not only does writing about rum legitimize drinking vast quantities of the shit, it's also an excellent substitute for a working memory. … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Revival. Part LII

The Rum Diaries Part LI

What do you know? Rum tastes awesome in Melbourne too! We just picked up this sensational little number from the Chapel Street cellars- Chairman's Reserve from the tiny Caribbean island of St. Lucia- and it has quickly made its way into my top five.  Chairman's strikes the perfect balance between smoothness and bite and doesn't … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part LI

The holy-shit-we’re-almost-home edition.

Sorry everybody. Not only am I fucking exhausted after spending 12 hours in shit airports and even shitter airplanes, but I am also kind of drunk after skulling four cans of Carlsberg to celebrate the last night of what has been a truly amazing trip. So rather than attempt to sum up the last 868 … Continue reading The holy-shit-we’re-almost-home edition.