What is it with Asia and….???

I know, I know...Asia is a big place. Depending on your definition it comprises up to 49 countries and 60% of the world's population. However for the purposes of this blog post 'Asia' refers to China, Japan, Korea and all of South-East Asia.  Despite the huge cultural, historical, religious and ethnic differences that exist between … Continue reading What is it with Asia and….???

The Rum Diaries Part XLIX- The Rum That Got Away.

Welcome to another of Myanmar's criminally cheap bottles of rum. Golden Island is another 43% Burmese stab at Caribbean quality...see the misleading outline of Barbados and the five golden stars on the label there? Not in any way related to the product inside I can assure you.Again, considering the price (1500 kyat or just under … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part XLIX- The Rum That Got Away.

The Rum Diaries Part XLVIII- The Rum With No Name

The Rum with No Name does have a name....we just can't read it. After two years of research it pleases me to say that I think we have finally found the world's cheapest rum. At 700 kyat for a 640ml bottle it comes in at around AUD$1.20 per litre. It may not be great...in fact, … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part XLVIII- The Rum With No Name

Hiking Kalaw to Inle Lake

Travel is always a subjective experience. We've loved certain spots only to hear them disparaged by other travelers and been completely underwhelmed by sights that had come highly recommended. This is what I like about reading guidebooks and online travel blogs- you often discover through other people’s idiosyncratic interests something you may never have considered. … Continue reading Hiking Kalaw to Inle Lake

Resisting homicidal urges on Burmese bus rides

Having traveled through Bolivia, Nicaragua, China, Laos and Cambodia I feel my opinion on the matter of excruciatingly painful bus journeys carries extra weight. I've endured 18 hour, 196km long crawls in the Bolivian lowlands; chewed my fingers down to the second knuckle as a Peruvian taxi driver careened around blind corners on mountain passes; … Continue reading Resisting homicidal urges on Burmese bus rides

Bicycling Bagan

It always feels good to scam the authorities, but never more so than in ultra-corrupt, military-controlled Myanmar. Technically, all foreign tourists have to pay a USD$15 entrance fee to the archaeological zone of Bagan (the country’s most important tourist attraction), the proceeds of which go straight into the already deeply-lined pockets of the military government. … Continue reading Bicycling Bagan

The Rum Diaries Part XLVII

I'm not sure what is more surprising- the fact that they make rum in Myanmar, or the fact that it's actually drinkable. I assume we can thank the British for the fact that there is a fairly significant rum industry in the country- one of the few happy leftovers from colonial rule...like railways. Perhaps the happiest … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part XLVII