Goodbye G12

Today I got the sad news that my beloved Canon Powershot G12 is well and truly dead. It got sick last week and has been awaiting diagnosis in a Canon service centre in Quito. Today they told me it would cost $420 to fix. A new camera shipped from the USA will cost me $379. Go figure. … Continue reading Goodbye G12

The Rum Diaries Part XVII

Our final nod to Ecuadorian rum producers- a bottle of Ron Castillo Añejo- before we cross the border into the far more exciting world of Ron de Colombia!!Castillo invoked a bit of a 'meh' response in both of us. Luckily, it came with a free glass, which boosted it a few extra points. Plus it … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part XVII

Fun & Games at Latitude 0

We went to check out Mitad del Mundo today- the monument and theme-park styled city celebrating Latitude 0. For a line on the ground, it was a surprising amount of fun!!!The impressive monument that pops up in 99% of tourist pics is actually about 250m off the true equator...oops. The rival Inti Nan museum next … Continue reading Fun & Games at Latitude 0

The Rum Diaries Part XVI

2300 Altura de los Andes Ron is the second Ecuadorian rum we've tried so far and by far the best!! So what's so special about the high altitude ageing process?? This is what Guatemalan producer Ron Zacapa has to say about their rum (which, coincidentally is aged at exactly the same altitude!)At sea level, the air … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part XVI

Ecuador; land of inactivity

That is probably a little unfair to Ecuador since it's really us who have been shamefully inactive...but when I look back at our time in South America I think Ecuador will stand out for being the place where we achieved fuck all. Not counting some seriously successful rum diaries of course. After Cuenca we headed … Continue reading Ecuador; land of inactivity