Back when we were free…

Like millions of other people around the world, I suddenly find myself without a holiday to look forward to. For someone who normally has at least two trips planned and a secret squirrel one in my back pocket for the third, this is a new and altogether unwelcome feeling - one compounded by the fact … Continue reading Back when we were free…

Trying (and failing) to pack light

I truly admire people (like this couple) who are travelling the world with nothing more than a day pack. I know the golden rules of packing light...I just ignore them! For a start, just our cables and electronic gadgets alone weigh a couple of kilos and take up a fair bit of space. It doesn't help … Continue reading Trying (and failing) to pack light

The Rum Diaries Part XLIV

The problem with working again is that suddenly we feel like it's ok to splash money around on crap we really don't need. Like a bottle of Venezuelan Diplomatico Reserva 8 Años...While it is easy enough to justify a $6 bottle of rum in Central America, it's a bit of a stretch to rationalize spending €25 on rum in Holland. … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part XLIV

The Rum Diaries Part XLII

Windmills? Shit-hot cheese? Men in wooden shoes? Yep. We're in Holland! But never fear, we brought enough rum from Cuba to sustain another four Rum Diary entries before the sweet, dark amber liquid runs dry and prices in euros force us into bargain bin beers at the Lidl instead. We bought this bottle of Ron Santero … Continue reading The Rum Diaries Part XLII