Don’t worry, be happy.

Diving off a yacht into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and swimming to a deserted island is about as good as it gets I have to say. Actually, I take it back…doing all that and then returning to find fresh lobster for dinner is as good as it gets.  Sailing from Cartagena to Panama … Continue reading Don’t worry, be happy.

Hiking La Ciudad Perdida

It’s pretty amazing really. Despite years of strenuous resistance to any form of exercise, despite approximately 9 months (ok, let’s be honest, 20 years) of regular beer therapy, it seems that I am, in fact, rather fit (not at all meant in the pommy sense of the word by the way). After chatting to a … Continue reading Hiking La Ciudad Perdida

Palomino….el Caribe as it should be

After seeing the barren desert of La Guajira it was a relief to arrive in Palomino and find the kind of landscape you picture when you conjur up the Caribbean. White sands, palm trees and beachfront juice shacks, oh yeah. Coupled with the fisherman who delivered fresh king prawns every afternoon and we were in … Continue reading Palomino….el Caribe as it should be

La Guajira- standing on the tip of South America

La Guajira peninsula is Colombia's outback- untamed, sparsley populated, extremly remote and dry as dry can be. The peninsula juts out to form the northern most point of the South American continent; Punta Gallina (Chicken Point) is every bit as wind blown and rugged as you would expect the edge of a continent to be...and … Continue reading La Guajira- standing on the tip of South America

Fun in the sun in Guatape

After spending three weeks in hot, humid, grubby, busy Cali we were pretty keen to get away from big cities and hang out somewhere beautiful and relaxing for a few days. The owner of our hostel in Medellin suggested Guatape, a little town about two hours east of Medellin, situated on a huge, labyrinthine artificial … Continue reading Fun in the sun in Guatape

Cali, salsa capital del mundo

There is really only one reason to come to Cali and that is to party. And the biggest party of the year is the Feria de Cali, a 6 day non-stop, aguardiente drenched, free-for-all that runs from 25 to 30 December. We had already been in Cali for two weeks before the festival begun, ostensibly … Continue reading Cali, salsa capital del mundo

Aguardiente y cafe- kicking back in Salento

We’ve spent the last four or five days hanging out in Salento, a picturesque village in the south of the coffee region, with absurdly pretty painted shop-fronts and the kind of surrounding scenery that we are starting to get used to…coffee & banana plantations, brightly coloured tropical flowers and an abundance of greenery in general. … Continue reading Aguardiente y cafe- kicking back in Salento

We heart Colombia

Even though we’ve only been in the country for two weeks, Colombia is already looking like becoming the South American favourite. The countryside is ridiculously beautiful. The first towns we stopped in- Popayan & San Agustin- are surrounded by intensely green, lush hills and covered in coffee, banana, pineapple, papaya, citrus and cornfields. And it’s … Continue reading We heart Colombia