Another trip down memory lane- St Petersburg versus Moscow

As we start to get closer to the end of our trip, we've grown a bit nostalgic for all the places we've visited over the last two years and I realised that although I was too lazy to write about them at the time, Russia's two greatest cities really do deserve a mention.  St Petersburg … Continue reading Another trip down memory lane- St Petersburg versus Moscow

Snow turtles at Lake Baikal

I’ve been hoping it would snow ever since we arrived in Russia. Even though it’s only October and technically still autumn, I’ve read enough gloomy Russian novels to know that there was a good chance we’d get some snowfall, especially in Siberia where, according to a local girl I spoke to yesterday, summer consists of … Continue reading Snow turtles at Lake Baikal

Crossing continents, Bikram style.

Today we officially passed from Europe into Asia. I spent about an hour looking out the window waiting for the obelisk to mark this momentous occasion, but I must have either been looking the wrong way, or chose an inopportune time to blink and missed the fucking thing.  While the countryside has been beautiful- autumnal … Continue reading Crossing continents, Bikram style.

Trying (and failing) to pack light

I truly admire people (like this couple) who are travelling the world with nothing more than a day pack. I know the golden rules of packing light...I just ignore them! For a start, just our cables and electronic gadgets alone weigh a couple of kilos and take up a fair bit of space. It doesn't help … Continue reading Trying (and failing) to pack light

In which Russian turns out to be rather difficult

As it turns out, Russian is quite a hard language to learn. I think I could just about get over the whole Cyrillic thing, if it wasn't for the fact that some letters, whilst looking maddeningly like their English counterparts, turn out to have a completely different pronunciation. H- pronounced 'n' as in 'no'P- pronounced 'r' as … Continue reading In which Russian turns out to be rather difficult