Back when we were free…

Like millions of other people around the world, I suddenly find myself without a holiday to look forward to. For someone who normally has at least two trips planned and a secret squirrel one in my back pocket for the third, this is a new and altogether unwelcome feeling – one compounded by the fact that there is also zero to look forward to locally. No live music, no meals with friends, no lazy afternoons at the pub talking shit…

I am feeling the lack of travel acutely at work as well. As a Latin American travel specialist I normally get to wax lyrical about gorgeous places across South & Central America all day – but with Australia’s borders closed and no end in sight for the travel restrictions in place across the globe, we are now in the business of dismantling dream holidays instead of helping people achieve them.

However the fact that I still have my job means I am one of the lucky ones. And honestly, with the state of the Australian peso right now, the government has probably done me a favour by keeping me penned up on this island – four weeks in Europe would be pretty crippling financially right now.

So instead of looking forward to a trip to the Netherlands and Turkey – I’m enjoying looking back at our last one in 2018.

Market day in the OB (Oud Beijerland for those of you playing at home)
I’m going to miss you most of all Kaasboer 😦

And because I now find myself with a hell of a lot of time on my hands – I’ll be sharing those memories here. Nothing like a hobby to get a girl through iso…

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