The Forgotten Rum Diaries…

Digging up all these old photos of forgotten rum diaries makes me want to weep. Four rums, lost to this critical historical record!!

Don Q 2007 Limited Release is from Puerto Rico and I don’t remember a single thing about it. To be honest, I’m not ever sure where this one was taken/ tasted? I had to google it just to work out where it’s from!

And while I was busy googling, I stumbled across another Rum Diaries – a serious one, where the author objectively writes about rum in a knowledgeable and useful way. Steven James has a list of rums on his page that defies belief- honestly, check it out: 

Has he seriously drunk all of these?? How does he find time to work/eat/sleep?? I’m fucking impressed. About the only thing I can feel smug about is that my rum diaries has been going longer (if I go by the oldest post on his current site at least) and I use a patented roman numeral system of counting which has led to multiple incorrect tallies, retractions and general confusion. I think Steven is safe in his rum supremacy for now.

The next two I can at least remember where they were bought and drunk!! Both were purchased in Santiago, Chile while I was on a work trip. Any visit to Latin America is always an awesome opportunity to lay my hands on rum which either can’t be found in Australia, or comes at insanely inflated prices. From memory I think I paid around AUD$14 a bottle for the Cacique 500 and Pampero Aniversario – a fraction of what they’d cost here in Oz.

I should probably be more magnanimous at that price, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the Cacique brand so can only assume this one was equally forgettable.

On the other hand, there’s a warm sense of well-being I’m getting just thinking about the Pampero so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it was impressive. Might have to revisit this guy when I’m back in Chile in a few weeks and see if my rum muscle memory is reliable.


Lastly, the Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 Años – another rum lost to the blackhole of my memory.

But who needs memory when the Matusalem website provides pictographic representation of their rum??

Much like Snr. James, this colourful graphic has thoroughly bested me. Time to stop googling and start drinking.

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