The Rum Diaries Revival. Part LII

Wow. It’s been a long, long time between Rum Diaries. Don’t think that’s a reflection on our rum consumption – I just got lazy. But it’s time to get back on board – not only does writing about rum legitimize drinking vast quantities of the shit, it’s also an excellent substitute for a working memory.

The Rum Diaries revival was inspired by (gasp!) an Australian rum we recently discovered down on the Mornington Peninsula. For anyone who has ever woken up with a Bundy-coated mouth, you will appreciate how momentous an occasion it was to taste a truly amazing rum made right here in Oz. Not a fucking polar bear in sight.

Jimmy Rum was started by rum aficionado and salty sea dog (ok, marine engineer, but I prefer the romance of sea dog!) James McPherson who’s goal is to educate Australians about the astonishing deliciousness of rums from around the world. He’s also set himself up with a seriously sexy still called Matilda and is making some pretty fucking awesome examples of rum right here.

I highly recommend a visit to the distillery down in Dromana – Jimmy hosts a damn fine tasting and even managed to teach us some new and interesting facts about rum (which after more than 50 Rum Diary entries and countless undocumented rums in between, is quite the achievement!). Of course, the aforementioned working memory means I have not necessarily retained all the right info, in the right order….so forgive me if I’m a little loose with the specifics!

Australia is the only country in the world in which you are only allowed to call your delicious amber liquid rum if it has been aged at least two years in an oak barrel – so technically the Oaked which features in this Rum Diary ain’t a rum…..but it sure as hell tastes like one. And let’s be honest, what the fuck does Australia know about making rum anyway (I’m looking at you, Bundy bear). We tasted the Oaked after only three months in a barrel so it’s got plenty of bite, but in a damn good way. We liked it so much, we headed back the next day to pick up the first batch to be bottled – we were so eager, they didn’t even get a chance to throw an official label on it.

At 47% and boutique Australian prices, this is definitely a (slow) sipping rum and not a throw-caution-to-the-wind and neck from the bottle in a plaza jobby…though both have their place in my world. Thanks Jimmy for elevating Australian rum and for inspiring the Rum Diaries revival! May no rum get left behind!!

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