The holy-shit-we’re-almost-home edition.

Sorry everybody. Not only am I fucking exhausted after spending 12 hours in shit airports and even shitter airplanes, but I am also kind of drunk after skulling four cans of Carlsberg to celebrate the last night of what has been a truly amazing trip.
So rather than attempt to sum up the last 868 days in any meaningful kind of way, I’m going the easy way out and working the ‘a-picture-speaks-a-thousand-words’ option.
Once again, a big loved up thank you to all our friends along the way- from road-tripping Argentinean buddies to San Ignacio fiesta compadres; from coco-loco sipping Scrabble players to late night shit-talkers in Popayan; from our rum-drinking piratey shipmates and lao-lao drinking, kayaking Swiss friends to the surprise New Years San Fran team…to Peter & Leontien who are such fab mid-trip meet-up friends and interested rum-factory-tour-members.
You guys (and many others) made our trip extra special and we hope to see you again somewhere. Happy travels wherever you are and you are always welcome in Melbourne!!!

1. Argentina- 38 days- AUD$86 per day

Gauchos at Cafayate’s 25 de Mayo (Independence Day) celebrations

2. Bolivia- 88 days- AUD$70 per day

The Festival of San Ignaxio de Moxos

3. Peru- 50 days- AUD$80 per day

Hiking the gorgeous Cordillera Blanca

4. Ecuador- 31 days- AUD$81 per day

Cuy- guinea pigs on the spit near Mitad del Mundo

5. Colombia- 85 days- $92 per day

Salsa, beer, more salsa- Feria de Cali

6. Panama- 15 days- $90 per day

Ox-Alien paints Bocas del Toro

7. Costa Rica- 7 days- $93 per day

Sneaky snake- in Cahuita on the Caribbean coast

8. Nicaragua- 33 days- $77 per day

– We’re chillin’ bro’- Little Corn Island

9. Guatemala- 28 days- $79 per day

Local market near Quetzaltenango

10. Cuba- 20 days- $123 per day

Cuba’s finest- Vinales Valley

11. Europe (Netherlands, Scotland, France & Berlin)- 127 days- $95 per day

The Jewish Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

12. Russia- 23 days- $111 per day

Soviet monuments laid to rest in Moscow

13. Mongolia- 16 days- $113 per day

Our host and his son showing off some traditional Mongolian wrestling

14. China- 33 days- $85 per day

Woman walking the city walls in Fenghuang

15. Laos- 51 days- $68 per day

The tiered roof of Wat Mai in Luang Prabang

16. Thailand- 68 days- $61 per day

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai

17. Cambodia- 25 days- $71 per day

The Killing Fields, Phnom Penh

18. Myanmar- 18 days- $71 per day

Worshippers at the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

19. Malaysia- 65 days- $73 per day

Old & New: the Petronas Towers viewed from Kampung Baru, the city’s oldest district

20. Indonesia- 60 days- $72 a day

These were by no means the youngest children we saw on mopeds….Lombok

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