The Rum Diaries Part XLIX- The Rum That Got Away.

Welcome to another of Myanmar’s criminally cheap bottles of rum. Golden Island is another 43% Burmese stab at Caribbean quality…see the misleading outline of Barbados and the five golden stars on the label there? Not in any way related to the product inside I can assure you.

Again, considering the price (1500 kyat or just under AUD$2 for a bottle) we were hardly in a position to complain. Even when the man who was supposed to be driving us to the border of Thailand snaffled the entire bottle after being offered a drink…the few slugs we’d already taken out of it meant it was still good value for money. 
You know it’s an average bottle of rum when someone makes off with it and all you can do is shrug. Had it been Flor de Cana, there may well have been a fist fight. 

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