The Rum Diaries Part XLVIII- The Rum With No Name

The Rum with No Name does have a name….we just can’t read it. After two years of research it pleases me to say that I think we have finally found the world’s cheapest rum. At 700 kyat for a 640ml bottle it comes in at around AUD$1.20 per litre. It may not be great…in fact, I’m not even sure I’d say it was good, but you really can’t argue with liquor that’s cheaper than petrol now can you?
We found this piratey looking bottle of rum on the second night of our trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake. If we hadn’t already known that Myanmar produced rum I doubt we would have trusted the dodgy label but having already sampled the country’s insanely cheap national brand we thought we’d brave the cheap shit. 
The label claimed 43% but I think we can safely say (having made our way through the entire bottle in one sitting once we hit the lake) that an alcohol content similar to port was probably more accurate. It tasted ok…hell, we drank it, but I think it’s best that this rum remains nameless. 

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