The Rum Diaries Part XLVII

I’m not sure what is more surprising- the fact that they make rum in Myanmar, or the fact that it’s actually drinkable. I assume we can thank the British for the fact that there is a fairly significant rum industry in the country- one of the few happy leftovers from colonial rule…like railways. 
Perhaps the happiest thing about Mandalay 12 Year Old Aged Rum is the fact that it costs 2700 kyat a bottle. That’s around AUD$3. Seeing the expression of disbelief on our faces, the girl in the shop was quick to point to the standard Mandalay Rum at just 1500 kyat…but we assured her that 2700k was well within our price range and practically skipped out of the shop. 
At 43% it’s verging towards roughness, but that’s nothing a can of soda water can’t fix. And with an extensive line of different rums under the Mandalay label, we’re quietly confident that The Rum Diaries will hit their Golden Jubilee edition long before we set foot back in Australia. 

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