The Rum Diaries Part XLIV

The problem with working again is that suddenly we feel like it’s ok to splash money around on crap we really don’t need. 

Like a bottle of Venezuelan Diplomatico Reserva 8 Años…

While it is easy enough to justify a $6 bottle of rum in Central America, it’s a bit of a stretch to rationalize spending €25 on rum in Holland. Luckily we are very good at rationalizing otherwise questionable choices…not to mention the rum was SERIOUSLY AMAZING. 

This one is right up there in the top five I reckon- in fact, it might even crack the top three. Smooth, amber goodness. Yum. 

And for anyone who thinks that all this rum can’t be good for us….here’s a little something I learnt recently at a museum (ok, it was the Jenever Museum in Schiedam but it still counts as an educational facility): 

“A little alcohol makes the spirit sparkle”

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