The Rum Diaries Part XXXVI

Brace yourselves. There are a lot of Rum Diaries on the way. 
Rum is cheap in Cuba. I mean, it’s been cheap pretty well everywhere we’ve been over the last 13 months, but in Cuba it’s the ONLY thing that’s cheap and that made us love it more. 
Our first bottle was purchased in the beautiful Viñales Valley– heart of Cuba’s tobacco growing region, where Martijn puffed on his first habano; and where we had the best coco locos in Cuba…happy days)

Our first bottle of Cuban rum purchased was Guayabita El Pinar El Occidental, a locally made rum flavoured with guava (and with two baby guava’s, hence guayabita, in the bottle). Unsurprisingly, it was kinda fruity and sweet, though the 40% alcohol content ensured it wasn’t too cloying. Neither of us were really that into it but maybe with ginger ale or something it would go down a bit easier.

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