The Rum Diaries Part XXXV

Ok. I am pretty sure this will be the last Rum Diary entry for Central America. At least, it should be …seeing as we only have three full days left in this part of the world. We’ve been eyeing off the 12 year edition of Ron Botran for a while now, but it wasn’t until we saw it for the low, low price of Q.75 (about AUD$10) that we finally bit the bullet and bought it. Such bargain hunters we are.
We came to the conclusion that the Botran rums are much of a muchness- i.e the 12 year is not significantly better than the 8 year, which in turn is not a huge improvement on the 5 year. Not to say they are not all tasty, Just that (unlike Flor de Caña) the subsequent increase in price is not reflected in the quality of the rum. 
Next up is Cuba. Good God help us all. 

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