The Rum Diaries XII and XIII

Jesus, these rum diaries have a way of creeping up on me. Before I know it, empty bottles are bleating at me so as not to be left out of the great annals.

So first off is a bottle we drained many, many weeks ago…so fast in fact that there wasn’t even time to capture the moment on film. Colombia’s Medellin 3 Años was a tasty drop indeed- our second bottle came on the Santa Cruz trek with us, and although it was supposed to be a celebratory last night’s reward, it ended up being a first afternoon ‘fucking hell it’s freezing let’s drink rum’ escape.
We came back to Peru with Ron Cartavio’s Black Label– it’s ultra cheap and surprisingly drinkable, particularly when it’s cold outside and you need to warm your cockles!! Still, nothing really to write home about…stay tuned for the fancy pants 12 year version which I am certain Martijn will not be able to resist much longer.

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